The Photographer

Following the path toward living my dream has not been easy, though it certainly has been adventurous. However, rather than run the risk of losing your interest by going into too much detail, I’ll endeavour to limit this ‘about’ section to points most closely related to what I am actually doing right now!

The wildlife pictures you will find in my galleries feature a wide variety of animals that I have photographed both in their natural habitats as well as at rescue centres, wildlife parks and zoos in Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar, and the UK.

My career as a professional photographer began in 2010 while living in Thailand. My wife and I managed our own gallery at Thailand’s largest wild animal park, Khao Kheow Open Zoo (KKOZ), where for three years I was the resident photographer.

Having special access to work in close quarters with so many animals at KKOZ was a truly wonderful experience, and the greatest privilege of all was working with their clouded leopard conservation programme. KKOZ’s clouded leopards were featured in episode two of the BBC One series ‘Ingenious Animals’.

Working with Clouds

During my time at KKOZ, I gave talks and led wildlife photography workshops on behalf of Canon Marketing (Thailand). It was also the place where I was lucky enough to capture the image of an Indochinese tigress shaking off water (aka ‘The Explosion‘), which was awarded first place in the nature category of the 2012 National Geographic Photo Contest, and then went on to win the overall Grand Prize.

My work has been licenced internationally for use in newspapers, magazines, books (including National Geographic), greeting cards, calendars, phone apps, and to Samsung Display to promote their curved screen TVs.

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