picture of a tiger shaking off water by wildlife photographer ashley vincent that won the overall grand prize of the 2012 National Geographic Photo Contest
dramatic head shot of a Barbary Lion by ashley vincent
White-Belied Sunbird hanging upside-down from a orange-coloured flower of a coral tree by ashley vincent
Two clouded leopard cubs playing with the paw of one in the mouth of the other set against a black background captured by wildlife photographer Ashley Vincent
lion cub lying down with an ear to the ground by photographer ashley vincent
Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin in profile looking upward by ashley vincent
North Chinese Leopard surrounded by plant fronds by photographer ashley vincent
two wide-eyed jaguar cubs walking on grass toward photographer ashley vincent
Lilac-Breasted Roller in flight by ashley vincent
a Sumatran tiger laying on the ground looking to the right of the photographer by ashley vincent
clouded leopard laying on tree trunk looking up by photographer ashley vincent
close up headshot of a Western Lowland Gorilla by ashley vincent